Open States progress report, February 2

Hi all! As promised, touching base with a quick update on my Open States progress from the past couple weeks.

Our legislator and bill scrapers are now fully-functioning, pulling in new data nightly. Only Arkansas and Connecticut remain deactivated, since their legislative sessions haven’t yet begun, and their websites haven’t published pre-filed bills.

As always, you can view Open States scraper status using our Bobsled tool:

My other focus has been updating our legislative boundary lookup, which powers a popular API endpoint and the “Find Your Legislator” tool.

Notably, Florida’s state senate boundaries had seen court-ordered redistricting after a years-long lawsuit. Open States is now up-to-date with these and other tweaks to district lines in all fifty states.

Contrasting the 2013 and 2017 Census files of Florida State Senate boundariesContrasting the 2013 and 2017 Census files of Florida State Senate boundaries

And next up, for my February work? Building out the new with Olivia Cheng!

Thanks as always to the Open States community for your financial support, bug reports, and code commits!