December 2020 Update

In 2020 we put out our most ambitious roadmap in a long time. It included launching bill tracking, bulk data, and API improvements. Thanks to the funding we received, we launched all of the major features we had planned, and then some. We also wound up putting out some surprises we hadn’t planned on, like our COVID-19 legislation tracking, new municipal data, and our new shiny API v3, which is already seeing great adoption! [Read More]

Open States API v3 & 2021 Plans

API v3 is here! Back in September, I announced the beta of Open States API v3 and as of today it is moving from beta status to fully supported. Since the initial release there have been quite a few updates, all noted in the changelog. While API v3 will continue to improve, it has been moved to production servers, backwards-incompatible changes will be kept to a minimum and announced well in advance, and rate limits are a bit higher than they were during the beta accordingly. [Read More]

Open States API v3 Beta

The original Open States API was released ten years ago this fall, and we consider it the most important part of the project after the scrapers. While we released the GraphQL API several years ago, we found that the ease of use of API v1 meant that quite a few (nearly 40%) of API users stuck with API v1, so it has long been on the wishlist to have a successor that was closer to a 1:1 replacement for the API v1 methods that so many projects and organizations depend upon. [Read More]

August 2020 Update

August 2020 Update While this year’s legislative sessions have been quite unusual, Open States’ work has continued on mostly uninterrupted. June was the busiest month ever for our APIs with lots of attention being paid to state legislatures as people push for policing reform and state-level Covid responses. We’re pushing ahead with our planned roadmap, adding municipal & executive data to Open States for the first time, introducing a new guide to contributing, and planning the future of our API offerings. [Read More]

April 2020 Update

As legislatures adapt to the new reality that is unfolding, our work continues mostly uninterrupted. I hope everyone out there is staying safe and taking care of themselves. I wanted to give an update on where we’re at on our 2020 Roadmap, the status of our subscriptions beta, and our COVID-19 resource. Bill Tracking For Everyone In case you missed the announcement in February, we now have bill tracking & notification features available on OpenStates. [Read More]

Tracking Legislation on

Update: For an evergreen version of this post and a guide on how to use our new feature see We’re excited to announce that our most-requested feature, bill tracking and alerts, has come to the new! Here’s what’s new: Login & Profile Pages Our new sign up page is live, and lets you sign up for an account with common social media accounts or an email and password. [Read More]

January 2020 Update

It’s been a busy year so far for the Open States team! Of the thirteen items on the 2020 Roadmap, three are already nearly complete, and significant progress has been made on a few others. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far: Bill Tracking Alpha You can now create an account on, and if you fill out our short survey we will bring you into the private preview of bill tracking. [Read More]

Introducing Dan Schneiderman

We’re incredibly excited to have Dan joining the team under our NSF Contract. Dan will be working to improve our historical data and data quality tools pipeline, while also making broader contributions to the project as time allows. - James I had originally worked on the Open States project as my first co-op at RIT during the summer of 2010. This was back when the project was named the 50 States Project and was based out of Sunlight Labs. [Read More]

Announcing Our 2020 Roadmap

With full time developers working on the project for the first time in years, 2020 is going to be an ambitious year. Please note that many of these goals are outside of the core requirements of our grants, so this roadmap is aspirational. We are also only funded through the first half of the year, and seeking funding and partnerships to help make these a reality. If you’re interested in collaborating in any way, please get in touch. [Read More]

National Science Foundation Funding!

I’m excited to announce the most exciting development since we took the project over back in November 2016! The Open States team has received funding as part of an NSF grant and will, for the next ~9 months have full time staff. In a bit more detail, we have received funding as subgrantees on an NSF C-Accel Grant to build a prototype of something the team is calling the Federalism Data and Advanced Statistics Hub. [Read More]