Open States Virtual Summit 2021

Last week we had the Open States Virtual Summit; if you were able to join thank you so much for making this first ever virtual summit such a success!

If you weren’t able to join, here’s what you missed:

Future of Open States

Civic Eagle Product Manager Ruby Choonoo & I walked folks through what Open States has accomplished in 2021, and what we’re hoping to do in 2022.

Future of Open States Slides

User Highlights


Chris from Resistbot gave a talk on how Resistbot uses Open States.

Maggie Lee

Maggie Lee is a Freelance Reporter specializing in Georgia & Metro Atlanta government and politics.

Maggie presented on her use of Open States' Georgia Events data, a new addition to our API. You can see her bot at @gapolbot.

Associated Press

Seth Rasmussen of the Associated Press presented on how AP uses Open States to track bills.

Thanks so much to Chris, Maggie, and Seth for being willing to share with these talks with us and the Open States community!

Contributing to Open States

Civic Eagle team member Rylie Johnson walked folks through ways to contribute to Open States for people of any skill level.

Contributing to Open States Slides

Technical Deep Dive

Finally, I walked folks through the internals of Open States and answered questions on how everything works and why some of the peculiar choices were made.

Technical Deep Dive Slides

Up Next / 2022 Data

As is usual for this time of year, we’ll be focusing for the next month or two on 2022 data. If you’re looking to help out or follow along, our 2022 Tracker is the best place to look.

And as always, you can get in touch via Slack, or by emailing us directly.

Have a happy holiday season & we’ll see you next year!