October 2021 Update

Open States Virtual Summit

Exciting news! We’re in the early phases of planning a meeting where Open States' contributors and users can come together to discuss the project.

We’re hoping to get something together for this winter, and if you’re reading this we could use your feedback on if this is something you’d be interested in attending. Please fill out our survey and let us know what you’d hope to get out of an event.

Data Expansion

The process of expanding our data offerings continues.

We’ve begun the process of restoring committee membership data, now available in 15 states and counting. This data is available both via our GraphQL API as well as new committee endpoints in API v3.

We’re also looking at restoring legislative hearing data (aka events) for 2022 sessions. We’ve added a new endpoint to API v3, and have very limited data available now in just a few states.

As mentioned in the June update, we had two fantastic interns join our team over the summer, Judy Lee & Michelle Orden were critical to this effort. We don’t yet have a timeline for when we’ll reach all 50 states for these new data offerings, but if you’d like to help us expand our data offerings, join the Slack, or get in touch.

Up Next

For the remainder of 2021, we’ll be pushing forward on expanding & bolstering the new committees and events data that we’ve added to the API. We’re also working on quite a few other enhancements that’ll continue to improve the quality of data we’re able to offer.

As always, you can get in touch via Slack, or by emailing us directly.