Using state flags as Slack emoji

Want to rep your home state in Slack? Or travel around a lot, and want to use your Slack status to represent your location? Want to react to a friend’s message, but can’t find a way to say “that’s sooo Kansas”? (Or, run an open-source project and need a cute way to refer to individual states across the country? ;) )

I got you. Hop over to my GitHub repository and you can load all 50 state flags (plus 6 territories’) into your Slack, as custom emoji!

I spent some personal time recently, scraping the freely-licensed images from Wikipedia, and integrating them with Ash Wilson’s Slack emoji uploader.

As Emojipedia points out, flags for political subdivisions have been allowed since the Unicode 10/Emoji 5.0 standard, but “no major vendor currently supports the majority of subdivision flags.” For example, if you view Emojipedia’s list of subdivision-flag emoji in your web browser, you’ll likely see a long list of all-black null-flag images.

So, while the tech giants work on proper implementation, go get state flags into your Slack today!