The new a sneak peek

The current Open States website has served us well. It’s a crucial gateway for citizens to track, search, and learn about their representatives and bills, and receives hundreds of thousands of hits per month when legislatures are in session. But at six years old, the interface is starting to show its age, in both usability and visual design. Most significantly, is not mobile-responsive, a bad experience for smartphone and tablet users. [Read More]

Open States in 2018 and Beyond

Open States will soon enter its tenth year as a project and second year as an independent entity. We wanted to take some time to reflect, and announce some changes that we’ll be making in 2018. We’re quite proud of all we accomplished in 2017. We focused on migrating the project to new & improved infrastructure, new data quality tools as part of our Google Summer of Code participation, and building relationships that will hopefully ensure Open States’ sustainability well into the future. [Read More]

Introducing the Upcoming Open States GraphQL API

The Open States API is arguably the most important part of the project after the scrapers. The API was launched in 2010 and now sees millions of requests a week. Today we’re announcing experimental availability of the Open States GraphQL API, our intended successor to the existing API. You can start experimenting w/ the API today: check out the alpha documentation or dive in! This API is currently in an early alpha state. [Read More]

Google Summer of Code 2017 Final Update

Hello everyone! I’m finally wrapping up my Google Summer of Code project. It was a very successful journey, and I’m extremely happy that I got to work with an organization like Open States. I would like to thank my mentors Miles and James for providing me guidance to successfully complete the project. Here’s a summary of what I produced: Overview The purpose of this project was to build Open Civic Data administrative data tools, and additionally to help with the pupa-ization of existing scrapers. [Read More]

Open States Data Availability Survey

Help evaluate your state’s legislative data. In 2013 the Open States team put together an Open Legislative Data Report Card. The report card ranked states in several categories, helping us provide states feedback and apply pressure to states to improve their data availability. That survey was greatly aided by volunteers helping us evaluate state data sources. We’d like to revisit this for 2017 and once again want to call upon our community for assistance. [Read More]

Google Summer of Code — Data Quality Tools Update

Hitesh has been working with us as part of Google Summer of Code. Prior updates: intro, first update. Hello everyone! A lot of work was done this month and hence the third blog post. So continuing from my last blog post, here’s a quick overview of what’s been accomplished so far: Introduced a new data quality check to capture if there are too many people associated with a post or too few people associated with a post. [Read More]

2017 So Far

With the bulk of 2017 sessions now adjourned we wanted to give an update for what we’ve been working on besides keeping the scrapers running & what’s coming next. scraper commits for 2017; Diving into Open Civic Data In May, with the help of dozens of new contributors, we finished converting all of our scrapers to the Open Civic Data ecosystem. This was our big push for the first half of the year and it is fair to say that this is the biggest improvement to the Open States project since 2012, when we released openstates. [Read More]

Progress on the OCD Data Quality Tools

Hello everyone! It seems like just yesterday that I was selected for Google Summer of Code, but I’ve now completed my first of three months with the Open States project. Continuing from my last blog post, here’s a quick overview of what’s been accomplished so far: I helped to complete the organization’s switch to scraping into the Open Civic Data format. I wrote a Django command to detect data quality issues in scraped OCD records, and store these issues in the database. [Read More]

Google Summer of Code — Improved Data Tools

Hello, Universe! I am Hitesh Garg, one of the two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) students working with Open States this summer. I’ll be helping to transition the project to Open Civic Data (OCD), by implementing admin interfaces to this new data structure. My journey to Google Summer of Code I’ve always been fascinated by the open-source software community, and wanted to contribute my skills to society and do something impactful. [Read More]

Google Summer of Code — Crowdsourcing & Scraper Fixing

Hello everyone! My name is Bikram Bharti, I am working with Open States this summer aspart of the Google Summer of Code program. About Me I am a junior year student with major in Electronics Engineering at IIT (Varanasi) BHU. I started my journey with open source contributions in 2016, with contributions in few of the web-development related projects of fossasia. I started contributing to Open States last spring, helped convert many states from billy to pupa, wrote documentation for event conversion and fixed a few scrapers. [Read More]