Happy 10th Birthday, Open States!

It was 10 years ago today that the first post about what would become Open States was made on the Sunlight Labs blog.

Read the post here: Our next big goal, The Fifty State Project *While no single developer has the time to volunteer writing a custom scraper for each state, the goal of having data…*sunlightfoundation.com

Of course it was a few months later, at PyCon 2009 in Chicago that we really got things started: Fifty states Project: April 10th Status Report *Six weeks ago we announced on this blog _ the Fifty State Project _, our ambitious project to begin building scrapers…*sunlightfoundation.com

And only a little over two years since we took over the project as an independent group of volunteers: Adopting Open States originally posted November 1, 2016blog.openstates.org

But through all the changes, for 10 years we’ve been working on providing Open States and are proud that our redesign and new API have seen increased traffic that looks like it’ll be making 2019 our biggest year yet!

(No major updates to announce today as we’re mostly in maintenance mode and much of the core team (myself included) are undergoing some job transitions, but we still wanted to commemorate this huge milestone and thank all of you for your years of support!)