Open States Virtual Code Sprint: Sunday, April 23!

We’re excited to announce our second code sprint of 2017. And this time, we’re running it virtually, so that community members outside of DC can join in!

So, hop on the Open States Slack, set aside Sunday, April 23 on your calendars, and get ready.

James, myself, and other core developers will be online from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time (14:00 to 22:00 UTC). During that time, we’ll be ready to enable any and all contributions to the project, including:

  • onboarding anyone who’s new to Open States, helping them if they run into any issues with our quick-start documentation, and pointing them in the right direction from there
  • working with existing members of the Open States community to continue scraper conversion to the Open Civic Data framework; we’ve made good progress so far, and are excited to close out more states
  • discussing infrastructure choices, feature requests, website redesgning, and other items on our 2017 roadmap

Looking forward to seeing y’all! And as always, stay in touch and stay tuned on the Open States Slack, GitHub, and Twitter.