March 19, 2017 Sprint Retrospective

This past Sunday’s code sprint was a huge success!

We had 15 developers spend a whole day at work on Billy-to-Pupa conversion. With 13 new PRs from that group alone, we’re well on our way to the next step in our 2017 roadmap.

A huge thank-you from James and myself to everyone who dedicated their day off to the project: @jmcarp, @hmoco, @erinspace, @lmm54321, @rshorey, @lindsayyoung, @showerst, @mroswell, @lmdragun, @gregjd, @jschiarizzi, @jalbertbowden, and @amitnagis. And an additional thanks to Development Seed for hosting us, and providing breakfast and refreshments.

For everyone who’s not in the Washington, DC area, stay tuned: we’re planning a virtual code sprint for a weekend day in April! Details to come soon on this blog or follow @openstates.