Google Summer of Code — Data Quality Tools Update

Hitesh has been working with us as part of Google Summer of Code. Prior updates: intro, first update.

Hello everyone!

A lot of work was done this month and hence the third blog post. So continuing from my last blog post, here’s a quick overview of what’s been accomplished so far:

  • Introduced a new data quality check to capture if there are too many people associated with a post or too few people associated with a post. Here’s a peek in the content of Data Quality Issues Section:

  • Built Name Resolution Tool to resolve the name discrepancies in bill sponsors/voters/organization members.

  • Built Retirement Tool to retire legislators which are not longer active.

  • Built Merge Tool, so that similar legislators can be merged.

  • Implemented User Feedback Tool primilary focused on legislators which will allow users/admins to report any wrong/missing data.

  • Wrote Django command to apply changes in the main DB from patches created by users/admins.

  • Finally wrote unit tests for above functionality.

It was very busy last month! But I am glad that I have completed almost all the tasks that were included in the project plan and the Summer of Code is about to finish.

Again, I would like to thank my mentors for guiding me all this way. Let’s hope for continued success! You can follow my project on GitHub.

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