Google Summer of Code 2017 Final Update

Hello everyone!

I’m finally wrapping up my Google Summer of Code project. It was a very successful journey, and I’m extremely happy that I got to work with an organization like Open States. I would like to thank my mentors Miles and James for providing me guidance to successfully complete the project. Here’s a summary of what I produced:


The purpose of this project was to build Open Civic Data administrative data tools, and additionally to help with the pupa-ization of existing scrapers. These admin tools will identify data quality issues in our database, and allow Open States administrators to manually fix or modify them. Here is my final report for Google regarding the project and its success.

All of the code is available in the openstates/admintools repository.

Learning and Challenges

While I was working on the project I learned lot of things that have improved my overall coding abilities and quality as a programmer. Most importantly, I learned the importance of continuous integration and unit testing. GSoC has really helped me to grow as a developer!


I have been involved with Open States for nearly six months now. And with GSoC, I have been enabled to more greatly contribute to the open source world. My time with Open States has been amazing. I am grateful to Google for organizing this, and Open States for giving me this valuable learning opportunity.

You can read more on Hitesh’s GSoC work here: