2017 New Year Update

Phew! We’ve been working hard over the holidays, and are pleased to report that Open States is now serving up-to-date data for 20 state legislatures.

Our initial plan was to have a set of 11 states ready for you by January 3. Unfortunately, some of these states’ websites haven’t yet been fully updated for the 2017 session, including Ohio, DC, and Massachusetts. Waylaid without their data, we focused instead on bringing up as many states as possible, including most legislatures with 2017-session information hosted.

Throughout the next week or two, we’ll keep a close eye on the unfinished Round A states, and will aim to have our scrapers updated soon after those states start serving 2017 data.

And we’ll continue to push forward on the Round B and Round C states. At least 6 legislatures have entirely new websites, but we are fortunate to have Open States community members actively writing new code to cover these and others.

Stay tuned! And as usual, you can keep track of our progress on a state-by-state basis on our status page.

2016 Funding Update

We’ve posted a new funding page with details on the nearly $7,000 we received in November and December. It also has instructions should you wish to help us out this year. We’ll continue making regular updates on our current status there.

Stay in Touch

We’ll continue updating regularly on the blog, but you can always stay current on the very latest: